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Flexible furniture storage with self storage solution

Self storage is the most flexible storage service. On the one hand, it is completely safe and on the other, you always have access to your rented storage holding your belongings. You can request non-stop access to your storage, however you have continuous access during opening hours anyway. Safety is guaranteed by your smart card and a genuine padlock. You can bring your own padlock or buy one in our shop. You can have non-stop access to your furniture storage.

The furniture storage in Budapest is located at an easily accessible spot.

Furniture storage tailored to your needs

Furniture storage in Budapest both for short and for long term — it’s flexible, safe and customised. Pay only for the space you actually need and have access to your furniture anytime.

It might be the perfect offer for you…

Our furniture storage solution is the best for you if you:

  • Move and need a temporary storage space
  • Need a safe storage because of home improvement
  • Are looking for a storage for the remaining furniture after the sale of a property
  • Need a temporary solution for the furniture of the apartment you’re renting out

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Furniture storage for one month?

You can store your furniture at our warehouse for a short period while you’re moving or refurbishing. We don’t impose a cap on renting period, so you can store your furniture here for years if you desire.

The safest furniture storage

Everybody needs a safe place for their belongings. When it’s about moving, furniture is exposed to the biggest risk. Maybe the equipment survives the process without a scratch, but it’s sure that a damp basement, a dusty attic or a wobbly shed will do them no good. On the long run, even a cold apartment can hurt them, not to mention the damage the constantly changing tenants would cause.

If you are looking for safe furniture storage, you’re on the right place as we apply the following measures to protect your furniture:

  • Smart card system with individual cards
  • Separated storage space, own padlock
  • Non-stop CCTV surveillance
  • Individual smoke alarm in every storage space
  • Individual alarm system in every storage space
  • Non-stop security service
  • Heated, dry storages with ventilation
  • Proper lighting for preservation
  • Cleanness
  • Expertise
  • Premium packing equipment available in our shop

Pay for the space you actually use!

In our warehouse you only have to pay for the storage space you actually need. Our mutual interest is to reach the most space effective solution, so we help you to arrange your furniture in your storage the way it uses the less possible space which is also the most cost effective solution for you. We offer storage spaces with varying size and layout, so there is an easy solution for any piece of furniture, even the ones with special size or design.

You can find out from your home how much space you need by utilising our Storage space estimator. If you are not sure about this, our qualified store managers help for you to calculate the necessary space.

Furniture storage pricing

The price of furniture storage depends on the size and type of the storage space as well as the period for rent. We offer a discount for long-term renting and we also help you to find the most space effective solution when arranging your furniture, and through this, the most cost effective one too.

Ask for a personal offer and pay only for the space you actually use!

Professional furniture storage

When storing furniture, the storage needs to be clean and also to maintain ideal temperature, humidity and light conditions. Our furniture storages have all these conditions: our inside storages are equipped with a heating system and ventilation, and light conditions preserve the state of delicate pieces of furniture that need special care.

In our shop, you can find anything that you would need for furniture storage. Storage boxes, foils, tapes are available in great variety. We offer professional help for moving your furniture: you can take advantage of our trolleys and forklifts. We also offer low-cost transportation.

We lead you through every steps of furniture storage

Storing some particular pieces of furniture can be a difficult task. Proper packing and avoiding the risk of injury must be priorities. If you need any assistance, our qualified team members are pleased to help you.

How do your furniture reach us?

Our customers are free to use a trailer for 4 hours per day and we also offer a transportation service. We have an indoor car park where the convenient packing is ensured by the free usage of pallet jacks and forklifts.

The importance of furniture storage as a separate service

Temporary solutions for furniture storage in Budapest are hard to come by. While on the countryside, in the dry months, the owners of a family house are able to store the equipment under the shelter, in a garage or a shed for the weeks of moving or refurbishing with no problem, it is way more difficult in the capital. And the fact that Budapest also hosts a larger amount of people who rent an apartment rather than living in their own place also increases the demand for storage renting. And not only the tenants, but also the owners face the difficulties of furniture storage, when they have to make place for the equipment of future tenants in an apartment originally equipped with furniture.