Euro Mini Storage - Raktár és tárolóbérlésEuro Mini Storage - Raktár és tárolóbérlés

In addition to providing storage solutions for businesses at our Gyáli út self storage Budapest warehouse of Euro Mini Storage, we also offer self store units for individual households.

Car tire storage

Having trouble to store car tires? Winter tires in the summer and summer tires in the winter? Our small-space self store units are ideal for storing your car tires that are currently not in use. Your car tires to be stored will easily fit in our storage units year-round.

RV storage

You might not have access to a garage or a lot where you can park your car, trailer or recreational vehicle for the winter. This can be a problem for many Budapest residents, however Euro Mini Storage offers a solution. Our self storage Budapest warehouse provides storage space where you can store your RV, and where safety is guaranteed by our camera surveillance and intruder protection system.

Furniture storage

If you need self store space only temporarily, use the furniture storage services of our self storage Budapest warehouse. This is the most sensible furniture storing solution when you are moving or refurbishing your apartment. We store the furniture you temporarily do not use in a properly designed storage space even for short term. The furniture store units in our self storage Budapest warehouse have different layouts, so even the most unconventionally shaped furniture could be fit just well in an easily accessible self store unit.

Motorbike and bicycle storage

Store your motorbike or bicycle in a safe, covered self store space for the winter! You can also store your motorbike or bicycle in our self storage Budapest warehouse if you simply lack the time or possibility to ride them.

Self store space renting at the self storage Budapest warehouse of Euro Mini Storage. Why choose us?

  • Variety – Self store units for rent in all sizes,  starting from 1 m2 to extra-large spaces
  • Security – 24/7 CCTV surveillance system and security personnel plus smart card access
  • Protection – Individual smoke and intruder detection in each self store unit
  • Flexibility – Both short-term and long-term storage rental contracts (minimum renting period is 1 month), 24/7 access to your storage space
  • Smart design – Storage space with different layouts in order to fit your goods conveniently
  • You are charged for the space you actually need.Contact us for more details and conditions!

You pay only for as much space as you actually need.

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