I was extremely happy with your private storage services, I will make sure to recommend your company!

Farsang István

Thank you for making this happen for me. I was very satisfied with your personal mini storage services. The storage environment was beyond my expectations. My stuff was safely stored and I found them in the same state once I went to pick them up. I have done, and will do my best to make your services widely known.

Harangi Erzsébet

Thank you for your kindness and promptness. I was absolutely satisfied with your services and I am sure that in the future I will turn to you if I need some storage space again.

Ónódi Barbara

Thank you for your quick, customer-friendly and helpful response! 🙂 (I know this should work like that at every service company, but – unfortunately – it very rarely does.)

Kovács Bea

About a week ago I called your center in Budapest. I spoke with a gentleman. During our conversation I got so impressed with his English and his service minded mentality that I immediately told him that I would come out the next day to look at the facility. I had told him that I only needed a very SMALL space, but he was still as enthusiastic, as if I had asked for a BIG space. The following day I drove to your facility – and low and behold – here I was serviced by a young lady – as enthusiastic and customer service friendly as the gentleman. Both the employees were well dressed and their personal appearance was well above what I have ever experienced at any storage facility in the US. I was shown the facility with a friendly and smiling attitude. That the facility was as clean and well maintained as I have EVER seen any storage facility in the US did not surprise me. I rented a very small space for a year. I am writing you this email in order for you to know – that you have chosen the right employees to manage your Budapest facility.

Leif G.